I love all the propaganda posted by people that have never lived in Israel stating that Israel is bad and war criminals. Try living there where you are bombed over 140 times by a terrorist group in Gaza. Most Israelis do not get happy about an invasion that will lead to thousands of deaths, but…

This is (understandably) biased, but it deserves attention because it is a completely accurate account of things “from the other side,” which we aren’t getting a lot of on the bandwagon side of Tumblr.

That picture of the bombed Palestinian ambulance is floating around right now and people are screaming “Who would do this!? These damned Zionists aren’t human!”

Civilian things get attacked because that is where Hamas stores its arsenal. They store their weapons there because “hey, they totally won’t bomb a school, right?”

After 30 years of dealing with attacks from Hamas, yes, they will bomb a school, a house, an ambulance if they have any reason to believe that Hamas is storing weapons there. It’s an awful decision to make but it had to be made. That’s one of the reasons we are seeing such high civilian casualty rates from Gaza; because that’s where Hamas is putting the target.

I’m not Israeli or a Jew. I am a Greek living in Australia who went to Israel on a dig. I spent 2 weeks living with Palestinians who also wanted Hamas to stop and I spent a lot of time with Israelis who wanted Hamas to stop. No body wants what is happening to occur expect those that don’t know the situation.

exhalebullshit23 asked:

I love your blog so much. I honestly started crying just looking through it. I am going through the same as you, my family is in Ukraine as of right now. I just received the most heart breaking call from my uncle. "Сонце, мій голос більше не почуєш. Я тебе люблю." & it clicked off. if you ever need anyone to talk to, I am here. слава Україні.

Ohhh you can’t even imagine what your message means to me! Thank you for your support! I don’t post here too much, because of hard political situation in Ukraine. I know, maybe it’s a right time to be here more often..but you know…I’m just so tired. I still can’t believe that all these horrible things really happened with us. Stay strong you too! Please, add me on fb Daria Nasiedkina, I’d love to chat with you from time to time.


Luhansk, 18/07/14 : Terrorists shooting down civilians. I know from some sources, that the left ones can not even take away the dead bodies till the russian reporters came to make photos, to blame afterwards the Ukrainian Army.

That is the typical russian behavior.